Review: Sizzling, Susan Mallery

Cover comment: Cute and appropriate

Setting: Contemporary Seattle, mainly taking place in the lavish home where the hero’s grandmother is convalescing and where the heroine is caring of her.

Series: Yes, this is book 3 in the Buchanans series. Book 1 is Delicious, Book 2 is Irresistable. Tempting is Book 4.

Main characters: Lori Johnston, take charge, practical nurse, and Reid Buchanan, retired as a pro pitcher, but on active duty as a ladies’ man. His family owns 4 well known restaurants in Seattle.

Plot: Straightforward romance plot (no spies, blackmail, or paranormal elements).

Distinctive features: Subplots involving organ donation and an alcoholic in recovery.

My take in brief: This is an adequate contemporary. It reads very much like the kind of solid series romance for which the author is well known. It started out very more promisingly than it ended, thanks to the sanding down of the main couple’s interesting edges, and the number of wholesale character conversions the reader has to believe to get through it.


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