Quick Reflections on Blogging: The First 100 Days


Don’t be shocked by tone of my voice
Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice

Fatboy Slim,  Weapon of Choice

For my own records, a quick take on blogging so far…

  • I found tons of great blogs … but I’ve lost time to visit and comment on them
  • I started a great new hobby … at the cost of some old ones, like movie watching
  • I made some cyberfriends … but definitely annoyed a few folks
  • I have learned so much about the genre … exactly enough to know how ignorant I am
  • I have the pleasure of a platform when I want to rant or rave … and the pressure of an empty stage when I don’t (or can’t)
  • I have more books for my TBR pile … and less time to read them
  • I have a place to record my thoughtful reflections … and a permanent record of my lame posts that I can never truly erase
  • I’ve gotten some free books to review … but an externally imposed reading schedule because of it
  • I always have an option when I want to procrastinate … and I always — unfortunately —  have an option if I want to procrastinate

This list makes it look like the gains and losses are equal, but actually, so far, the gains are overall much greater than the losses.

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