My First Nora (Review – Born in Fire)

Cover comment: Boring, could be anywhere, but easy to buy without embarrassment

Setting: Contemporary Ireland, switching between the heroine’s home in rural County Clare, and the hero’s tony digs in Dublin.

Series: Yes, this is book 1 in the Born In trilogy. Book 2 is Born in Ice, Book 3 is Born in Shame.

Main characters: A starving artist with major family of origin issues, Maggie Concannon is a “fiery” heroine in at least 3 ways: she has reddish hair, is a professional glass blower, and has a hell of a temper. Rogan Sweeney, yin to Maggie’s yang, is urbane, cultured, calm, business-minded, and “born in” money.

Plot: Straightforward romance plot (no spies, blackmail, violence — unless you count rough sex — or paranormal elements).

Distinctive features: Setting, temperament and profession of heroine.

My take in brief: Born in Fire is one of those books that most people love, and while it is not one of my personal favorite romances, I can easily understand why.

First published in 1994, I listened to the Audible edition, which came out earlier this year. Read by an Irishman, the accents were perfect to my ignorant American ears, but the narrator’s version of female voices was to read their dialogue super fast, which it made them all sound slightly hysterical.

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