Review, The Lost Duke of Wyndham, Julia Quinn

Cover comment: Holy clavicles, Batman! The female cover model is Norwegian/Egyptian model/soap actress Ewa Da Cruz (there was a cover story on the book in Soap Opera Digest). The male is the ubiquitous Nathan Kamp.

Series?: Yes, it is Book 1 of the Two Dukes of Wyndham. Book 2, Mr. Cavendish, I Presume, is out at the end of this month.

Word on the Web:

Jayne, Dear Author, B

Romance Rookie, Jill D., B

Lynne Spencer, AAR, A-

Smart Bitches, mixed (review of both this and its sequel)

Mary Benn, The Romance Reader, 4 hearts

Ana, Book Smugglers, 9

Marg, TGTBTU, B+

Sandy M, TGTBTU, A-

Devon, TGTBTU, B-

Lawson, TGTBTU, B

What Kate’s Reading, very positive

Animegirl, 4 out of 5

Anne Glover, Regency Reader, negative

A detailed mixed review in a thread on a discussion board here.

Long AAR thread with very mixed reactions here., 3 stars after 97 reviews

My Take in Brief: It’s half a book, and not an especially good one, at full price.


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