Win my Copy of Never Romance a Rake

Hey, would you like to have my copy of Liz Carlyle’s Never Romance a Rake?

I thought it might be fun to give away copies of good books I’ve reviewed that aren’t quite keepers.


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Review, Never Romance a Rake, Liz Carlyle

Cover comment: I love the covers in this series, but recall that I am pretty time period insensitive. Is there such a thing as too much mauve? If there is, I’ve never heard of it.

Series? Yes, this is the third book in the Neville family trilogy, with Never Lie to a Lady being the first and Never Deceive a Duke being the second.

Setting: Late 1820s London, with a brief prologue in Barbados.

Main characters: Camille Marchand, age 27, raised in precarious circumstances in France, the bastard daughter of a disgraced English noblewoman and an unctuous French rogue, and Kieran Neville, Baron Rothewell, a dissolute, taciturn loner, with a lifetime platinum membership at the Satyr’s Club.

Plot: Straightforward, but fairly dark, romance plot, with intrigues involving the heroine’s father and the nature of the hero’s ailments.

Distinctive features: Heroine is French speaking, hero deals with poor health, and, most shockingly, baby lust strikes them both!


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