“Kick Ass” Romance Heroines

I stumbled across this comment, with which I totally disagree, from author Lisa Marie Rice in her posting “Five Things You Won’t Find in a Lisa Marie Rice Novel”:

1. Kick-ass heroines.

It sounds good in theory: A heroine who’s rough, tough, buff, gruff, and takes no guff—from anybody, least of all the hero. She is the antithesis of the simpering ‘80s heroine who bore the brunt of all the hero’s neuroses. She’s not taking it anymore. She can outfight him, outrun him, and outgun him, and she makes sure he knows it.

She knows her own mind and makes sure you know it, too. She never backs down, not even when she’s in the wrong.

In Real Life, I avoid her whenever possible. The male version, as well.

I worked for many many years in a very difficult, mostly female profession which was chockablock with alpha females who could wrestle you to the ground while quoting Hegel, in German. They knew everything, were amazingly opinionated and boy, did I grow tired of the vibe.

I don’t want them in my life, why should I want them in my books?


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