Review: Grimspace, Ann Aguirre

Cover comment: The heroine’s hair is not what is described in the book, where the unruly mess is almost a character in itself, and is an important component of the heroine’s identity, but I ought to be used to those discrepancies by now. Otherwise, I think it’s a terrific fun pulpy SF cover.

Setting: Mostly on a ship in space, with eventful visits to several different planets. Earth, or Old Terra, fares about as well in this world as it did in the movie Wall-E.

Series: Yes, the second book, Wanderlust, is out now. Doubleblind and Killbox to follow. You can read a prequel about March, the hero, here.

Main characters: The heroine, Sirantha Jax, genetically gifted with the coveted ability to travel through grimspace; The hero, March, hard bitten pilot with Psi abilities. And several other shipmates, including Dina, the butch lesbian, Doc, the pacific geneticist, and Loras, the subservient protector.

Plot: When we meet her, Jax is an unjustly disgraced former “nav-star”, being held for interrogation about a crash which killed her pilot/lover, and destroyed their ship, killing all 80 persons aboard. March and the crew of the Folly rescue Jax from the evil Corporation, and together the fugitive gang travels to different planets on a mission which becomes clearer as the book progresses.

Distinctive features: This is hard for me to judge, because the book’s genre is SF, not romance. But viewed as a romance, the world building and the characterization of the heroine stand out.

My take in brief: I don’t have time to formulate it because I have to get to Borders before it closes to buy Wanderlust. How’s that?


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