Review: The Serpent Prince, Elizabeth Hoyt

Cover comment: I know folks are getting sick of half-heads, but I think this perfectly captures the promise and peril Simon represents to Lucy, right down to the slithery “Rs” in the title font.

Setting: Eighteenth century Georgian England, both rural Maiden Hill and London

Series: Yes, this is book 3 in the author’s fairy tale themed prince trilogy. Book 1 is The Raven Prince, Book 2 is The Leopard Prince.

Main characters: Lucy Craddock-Hayes, sensible but impressionable virgin daughter of a widowed sea captain, living in rural England, and Viscount Simon Iddesleigh, who presents as a gorgeous, if slightly jaded, dandy with a self-deprecating sense of humor — a persona which serves as cover for some deep insecurities, a tragic recent past, and some very bloody secrets.

Plot: Opposites attract in Lucy and Simon, and they come together more or less straightforwardly, but his secret pursuit of revenge against his brother’s killers presents a huge challenge to their growing bond.

Distinctive features: 18th century setting (powdered wigs and man hose!); marriage represents midpoint, not culmination, of relationship development; hero is a cold blooded killer and his duels are not romanticized; and (I can’t resist adding this) the hero “jostles his elder” after spying our heroine in her conveniently located “kitchen bathtub”!


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