Top 11 Signs You Need to Lay Off the Highlands Romance

1. You can properly pronounce “very”, “do”,  “don’t”, “know”, and “yes”. (*answers at bottom)

2. Your friends have issued a (grossly unjust, by the way) lifetime ban on your Scottish jokes (Can you help it if “Is that a cromach in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” just never gets old!!).

3. You know the difference between “plaid” and “tartan” and consider it a scared duty to correct any misinformed persons who cross your cyberpath.


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Top 10 Signs You Are Reading Too Much Historical Romance

This is not autobiographical.

At all.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. You know what a counterpane is.

2. You know all the titles in the British monarchy’s peerage, in order, and have already decided which one you would be willing to settle for if you were sent back to the early nineteenth century, a fantasy you have at least twice a week.

3. You can match the following places with their functions (men’s club, ride on Rotten Row, marriage mart, horse and carriage mart) in 8 seconds or less, with one hand tied behind your back, drunk:

(a) Tattersall’s

(b) White’s

(c) Almack’s

(d) Hyde Park


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Top 9 Most Romantic Love Scenes in Romance

When I picked up my first romance in March 2007, I had no idea what it was. I didn’t even notice the two people kissing on the cover. I just knew it was about vampires, and that sounded good. The book was J.R. Ward’s Lover Revealed, and I was shocked (shocked!) at the straightforward way in which sex was depicted — no “steel on velvet” or “warm moist depths”. Since then, I have read a lot of romances, and even without considering the huge growth of erotica, I think the level of heat has been turned way up across the genre. As “Smart Bitch” Sarah said on the Today Show, “It’s like really good sex.” And since the title of this blog does have “Racy” in it (only because I have no imagination whatsoever and 5th grade level alliteration is as far as I go into literary greatness), I thought I would list my favorite romantic sex scenes.

Please feel free to comment with your suggestion for a 10th!

Here they are, not ranked:


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