Quick Reflections on Blogging: The First 100 Days


Don’t be shocked by tone of my voice
Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice

Fatboy Slim,  Weapon of Choice

For my own records, a quick take on blogging so far…

  • I found tons of great blogs … but I’ve lost time to visit and comment on them
  • I started a great new hobby … at the cost of some old ones, like movie watching
  • I made some cyberfriends … but definitely annoyed a few folks
  • I have learned so much about the genre … exactly enough to know how ignorant I am
  • I have the pleasure of a platform when I want to rant or rave … and the pressure of an empty stage when I don’t (or can’t)
  • I have more books for my TBR pile … and less time to read them
  • I have a place to record my thoughtful reflections … and a permanent record of my lame posts that I can never truly erase
  • I’ve gotten some free books to review … but an externally imposed reading schedule because of it
  • I always have an option when I want to procrastinate … and I always — unfortunately —  have an option if I want to procrastinate

This list makes it look like the gains and losses are equal, but actually, so far, the gains are overall much greater than the losses.

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10 Things I Never Ever Do Online (But Maybe Should)

Here it is. The list of things I never do, probably because I am about as hip, wild and fun as Mr. Kant:

1. Click on videos

2. Post or consume “man titty”

3. Twit

4. Chat

5. Memes

6. Engage in Book Challenges

7. Read author blogs

8. Click on ads or shop at stores sponsored by blogs I read

9. Let my inner bitch out

10. Squee

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New Blog Address and Email

The URL for this blog is no longer https://racyromancereviews.wordpress.com

You’ll now be redirected to the simpler:

http://racyromancereviews.com or http://www.racyromancereviews.com

Even better, my email is now:


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Some romance review sites I can’t figure out

I have a list of bookmarks for romance review sites in which I trust, and I’ve put most of those on my sidebar. You’ll get very different reviews from Smart Bitches than from All About Romance –even when they are giving the same book the same grade. That’s part of the fun. But one thing they all do have in common is the ability to dislike a book, to judge it “not good”, and to explain why. No one can do that with more panache than Mrs. Giggles, whose review of Megan’s Mark set the bar for dead on parody of romance novels, but all of the sites on the side bar can do it, and do it well.

But I’ve noticed that there are some review sites which have never met a book they didn’t love. Everyone knows this about Harriet Klausner at Genre Go Round. (My personal journey where HK is concerned went from surprise, to wonder, to concern, to outrage, to amusement. Reading Meljean Brook try to explain, in so many words, that no one who had bothered to read even the freaking book jacket could get Demon Night so wrong wins the award for best exercise in author tact.) But have you ever read a bad review at SensualRomance Reviews? Or Romance Reviews Today? Or Romance Junkies? Or lower than a (very rarely bestowed) C+ at Simply Romance Reviews? Or lower than a 4 at Just Erotic Romance Reviews? Are Phallus From Dallas and I’m A Viking and I Protest really 5 star reads? Really?


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