Quick Reflections on Blogging: The First 100 Days


Don’t be shocked by tone of my voice
Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice

Fatboy Slim,  Weapon of Choice

For my own records, a quick take on blogging so far…

  • I found tons of great blogs … but I’ve lost time to visit and comment on them
  • I started a great new hobby … at the cost of some old ones, like movie watching
  • I made some cyberfriends … but definitely annoyed a few folks
  • I have learned so much about the genre … exactly enough to know how ignorant I am
  • I have the pleasure of a platform when I want to rant or rave … and the pressure of an empty stage when I don’t (or can’t)
  • I have more books for my TBR pile … and less time to read them
  • I have a place to record my thoughtful reflections … and a permanent record of my lame posts that I can never truly erase
  • I’ve gotten some free books to review … but an externally imposed reading schedule because of it
  • I always have an option when I want to procrastinate … and I always — unfortunately —  have an option if I want to procrastinate

This list makes it look like the gains and losses are equal, but actually, so far, the gains are overall much greater than the losses.

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  1. Happy first 100 days! We are like twins – I just did my one year post.

  2. I have a place to record my thoughtful reflections … and a permanent record of my lame posts that I can never truly erase

    I laughed out loud when I read this, because my God, this captures so well the way I feel about blogging.

    And this too:

    I have more books for my TBR pile … and less time to read them

  3. Thanks Carolyn Jean! Oh, and I guess I can cross “biologist” off the list of your probable occupations. 😉 I hope I make it a year.

    Janine — and anyone who reads this… go read Carolyn Jean’s anniversary post if you haven’t yet. It made me spit my herbal tea all over my keyboard. Luckily it was nonstaining chamomile.

  4. Isn’t it fun? Happy 100 day blogiversary!

  5. I was nodding at each one you listed *g*. But like you, the pluses actually far outweigh the minuses.

  6. Ai, I lost my beautiful, long comment!

    Here goes the short version: happy 100 days blogiversary and I hope you celebrate a 100 more of those! (at least)


  7. Happy 100-day Anniversary Jessica! Ahhhh how we can all relate, LOL.

  8. My blog’s been up since July 2001 and in my experience, everything you’ve noticed only gets more pronounced in time. The essential conflict that I have is that the more interesting things I have to say the less time I have in which to say them. In my lulls I have endless time for blogging, which doesn’t for a good blog make.

    I’ve enjoyed reading here – I’m glad you’re doing it!

  9. Jessica – I was really remiss when I stopped by last night by not letting you know that I really love what you’re doing here. You’re coming up with some very unique and thoughtful approaches and angles on things that I always appreciate.

  10. Carolyn Jean, thanks!


    Writing as someone with 24 draft posts in the hopper and no time whatsoever, I totally agree with your comment!

  11. Walk without rhythm, and you won’t attract the worm.

    Congrats on your first 100 days! I’m very, very glad I’ve found your blog and all your great posts and intelligent discussions. Here’s to many more.

  12. Congrats on your 100th day. I hope you have many, many more! Your posts are funny, insightful and you make us think.

  13. Leslie – thank you and back at you and Kate!

    Kate – That line is all you need to know about blogging. I think I am going to make it my blog subtitle.

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