The REAL Problem with the Phrase “Desert Isle Keeper”

I had never thought before about what to call those books I love so much I want to give them a special status, but after this week, there’s one phrase I am so not going to use.

But not for the reason you’re thinking — that it belongs (ethically, legally, or in some other way) to someone else. No. The real problem with “Desert Isle Keeper” is that it’s so …. twentieth century.

Think about it. With overpopulation and suburban sprawl, is any isle these days really deserted? Or is the movie star who owns it just not there at the moment? And who goes anywhere without a smart phone anyway?Β  I mean, even Kate and Sawyer got (will get?) rescued.

“Keeper” is outmoded, too. I’m about to buy my first ereader, so I’m going to be keeping everything. “Keeper” is going to refer to every book I purchase.

So here’s my proposal. Remember on Seinfeld when Elaine heard that her favorite form of birth control, the sponge, was going off the market? She had to ration, so she evaluated potential partners on the basis of their “sponge-worthiness.”

Along those lines, since a megabyte holds about 1 book, and an average ereader holds about 200 (about the size of my keeper shelf), in all my future reviews I am going to start referring to the very best books I read as “meg-worthy.”


You heard it here first! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Meg-worthy – there’s something so smooth and simple about that phrase, it’s almost like the perfect margarita. Possibly not quite that good. Is anything? But I think it could catch on. Keeper shelves outmoded? I can go with that as soon as I get on down and buy an e-reader.


    Meg- worthy is an awesome word. You should patent it ; )

    Actually this whole post is awesome for all its popular culture shout outs – as a major fan of Lost (and a shipper of Kate and Sawyer, awww Sawyer) and fan numero uno of Seinfeld, I had a huge smile on my face all the time (even if what prompted the post was reason for a major headache a few days ago)

  3. LOL, Great post. You’ve really hit the nail on the head with meg-worthy. It *smacked* me right up side my head. The way we read books is changing rapidly and my ‘meg-worthy’ e-books are rapidly out numbering my ‘keeper-shelf’ paper books. Too bad Sawyer didn’t have a Kindle with him on that island; he would have had a multitude of books to choose from.

  4. Ana, your comments always make me smile! And I guess I am out of the closet as a Kate/Sawyer shipper.

    Ryshia and Maria — Welcome, welcome. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting! I’m glad Sawyer didn’t have a kindle. Not enough time for sexxoring if he did!

  5. LOL Awesome idea! I stand witness to this post being the first ever written claim to the phrase Meg-Worthy. Congratulations. πŸ˜‰

  6. So you do know there is a title for shippers of Kate and Sawyer? Skaters.

    yeap, Ana, the dork.

  7. […] Take in Brief: I get to use my new term for best of the best: I pronounce this book […]

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