Creepy Covers Part 1

I hit the jackpot at my local supermarket today. They have a table full of “pre-read” romances, and the money goes to charity. I actually found one of the few SEP books I haven’t read but don’t want to buy at full price (This Heart of Mine), but I also found this:

Here’s the blurb, from Fiction DB:


As the only child of Bennett Industries’ chief executive officer, Anna Bennett had been carefully groomed since birth to follow in her father’s footsteps. Now, on the verge of a businesslike marriage arranged by her father, Anna found herself falling for another man–someone who could never fit into her corporate life-style.

Esteban Alvarado lived miles from civilization on a ranch in southern Spain, where local peasants relied on him for survival. The handsome doctor’s responsibilities bound him to his ancestral home forever, just as Anna’s pre-arranged destiny would prevent her from joining him there … or would it?

Torn, she faced an impossible choice … to fulfill her family duty or be seduced by the urging of her heart.

I’m guessing I don’t have to spell out why this is the inaugural “Creepy Cover”. I don’t think the heroine is actually 12 years old, but I don’t want to commit a felony by reading the book, so I’ll never know for sure. How do you say “pedophile” in Spanish?

And guess what the hero’s profession is? Farm laborer? Un puto? Nope. He’s a physician, because, you know, Spaniards are so sexy that they treat colds and tend the wounded half dressed.

You can probably tell he’s a professional by the fact that he’s wearing a watch, except… maybe he is checking to see when the heroine comes of age?

Worse, I now know that the sweet girl who played Captain Steubing’s daughter on The Love Boat was sidelining as a romance cover model (fully, and quite badly, dressed in polo shirt and mom jeans, but still)!

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